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Creative Dance 

(Ages 3 thru 5 years) This program teaches muscle control, concentration, rhythm, discipline coordination, balance, agility and poise.  It consists of tap, ballet, drama, and the use of props such as the balance beam, balls, hoops, ribbon and rhythm sticks and costume accessories.  Our goal is to instill self-confidence and creativity.

Tap/Ballet or Tap/Jazz Combo

This class will include one half hour of tap and one half hour of ballet or jazz.  Students will learn ballet vocabulary and technique including barre, center floor, and progressions (across the floor).  The
tap or jazz curriculum teaches students to count music, develop rhythm, memorize terminology and learn proper execution of beginner techniques.  This class begins focusing on technique more seriously to prepare students for the individualized one-hour classes.


Tap classes work to develop a keen sense of rhythm and coordination.  Students will master basic tap
steps and rhythms, and then progress to more complicated combinations and patterns as their skills
increase.  The emphasis is on developing proper tap technique and producing clean and clear tap sounds.


This is a graceful and elaborate style of narrative dance.  The study of ballet requires strict discipline that is unsuitable for the young student.  Therefore, our ballet classes begin at the age of seven.  The younger students are taught pre-ballet to prepare for the more rigidly structured ballet class.  With this system, the young student will not lose the joy of dance due to strict training at such a young age.  The more serious ballet student requires more than one class per week.


This program is based on a combination of Contemporary Funk, Broadway and Modern Jazz.  The classes are structured to build strength and develop flexibility, coordination and rhythm.  Dance combinations can consist of classical, musical theatre, or ‘cutting edge’ choreography.  For serious jazz students, ballet is strongly recommended.

Hip Hop

Our classes integrate the latest Hip-Hop dance moves from the East and West coasts.  Each class begins with stretch and warm-ups, including isolations and strength training.  Students will develop coordination and rhythm while learning dance combinations with very innovative choreography.


This form of dance utilizes both ballet and jazz techniques, emphasizing strength, control and extensions.  Students will focus on technique while learning to dance using different emotions and expressions.  A strong ballet background is necessary for lyrical students.